Terms and Conditions

Website neyaboon.com (referred to as either “website” in this Agreement) was prepared by Suksawat Converting Center Co., Ltd. (referred to as either “the Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” in this Agreement) to provide information about products and services under the Neyaboon brand, the user who visit this website will be under to these terms and conditions. Therefore, the user should study the terms and conditions of this agreement and/or any other terms and conditions which we have informed on the website in detail before using the website. By using this website, the user agrees to to abide by all such terms and conditions. If the user does uncomfortable to be bound by the terms and conditions, please stop visiting and using this website. Effective from 1 January 2022

Intellectual Property

You agree that all information, text, images, sounds, logos and/or any portion of this website including without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, copyrights, databases, patents, know-hows or etc. that appearing on the website are works protected by intellectual property laws which govern our copyright, rights and property.

You agree and acknowledge that our website is only a website to provide information about products and services under the Neyaboon brand only. In the event of any legal dispute, you agree to waive any legal claims. any whether civil or criminal against us.


You agree that you will use this website for your personal gain or lawful purposes under this terms and conditions stated on this website only, and will not use this website for commercial purposes or any other benefits that are contrary to law and good morals of the people. In addition, you agree not to do any of these following:

  1. reproduce, republish, modify, download, upload, post, distribute or make publicly available; which the wrong job law or morality without our prior written permission.
  2. infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights, patents trademark or other intellectual property as required by law.
  3. download, upload, post or otherwise exploit any content or text, works from this website without our prior written consent. and/or create a thread or make it appear the messages that hurt to us, internet service members and/or third parties.
  4. upload, post, post, send e-mail or take any other action that results in a disturbance or interference with the operation of a computer system by transmitting a virus or any other form of computer program that designed to interrupt destroy, limit the operation of computer systems, computer hardware or software programs in the communications of our members, Internet users or third parties.
  5. Use any computer software program to interfere with the operation or provision of our services or third-party computers and/or computer systems, for example by using Trojan Horse software programs, viruses in the form of time bombs, etc.
  6. Take any action contrary to our notice or policy set forth in these Terms and Conditions and/or amendments to the Terms and Conditions that we may post or impose thereafter; If we have knew that you have taken any action that is contrary to the Terms and the Conditions that set forth on this website, we have the right to suspend services to you without notice and/or may take legal action against you immediately as we deem appropriate

Customer Services Policies

If you already purchase our products or services and would like to request a refund, please contact our staff at mailto:[email protected]

Website Disclaimer & Waiver

Text, pictures or any information in this website is collect from various sources to provide information, knowledge and benefits to the users, which we use our best efforts to collect the information to be accurate and always up-to-date. We do not warrant the reliability, accuracy, or update of any such information in real time.

Further Amendments

We reserve the right to amend, add, remove any terms and conditions that listed on this website without prior notice.

Governing Law

If there are any dispute arising out of our services due to this website, you are agreeing to use Thai law to resolve disputes. So, you are agreeing that the service on this website constitutes your agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this website.

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